Monday, December 31, 2012

#Made4Math - Week 24

What did YOU make this week?

@tbanks1906 - What I have done the past few weeks

@misscalcul8 - City Design Project

Bree (@btwnthenumbers) - All The Things

Beth - mid-year reflection: student insight

#Made4Math - Week 23

What did YOU make this week?

Beth - Transformation in Context

@mathequalslove - Point-Slope Form Foldable

#Made4Math - Week 22

What did YOU make this week?

@wyldbirman - Systems of Equations

Beth - Mixed Practice Equations of Lines

Fouss - Precalc Stations

@luvbcd "Middle School Math Rules!" - Tackling my Printables TO DO list

@misscalcul8 - Unit Plans

#Made4Math - Week 21

What did YOU make this week?

Beth - Point Slope Form

@misscalcul8 - Piecewise Functions and Cup Stacking

@sqrt_1 - Dry Erase Practice Folders

@tbanks1906 - Made4Math: Homework Help - Smartboard...

#Made4Math - Week 20

What did YOU make this week?

@reminoodle - No Cell Phone Sign - End of the Trimester Policy Revisions

@_CindyWallace_ - Totally Awesome Prizes

@lmhenry9 - Factoring Practice

@Fouss - Trig Stuff

@misscalcul8 - Parallel Lines and Transversals Investigation

#Made4Math - Week 19

What did YOU make this week?

Beth - mx+b lesson planning

@4mulafun Jennifer Smith-Sloane - November Reward Coupons Freebie

Fouss - iPad apps

@druinok - More Quadratic Fun

#Made4Math - Week 18

What did YOU make this week?

Beth - Slope Stations

@misscalcul8 - Slope-Intercept Form Card Sort

@druinok - Quadratic Functions Fun

#Made4Math - Week 17

Here are today's submissions:

@4mulafun Jennifer Smith-Sloane - Flippable Templates

@csteketee21 - Scratch Off Unit Rates

@misscalcul8 - Relations and Functions Foldables

@druinok - Around the World

@fourkatie - GEMS (Order of Operations)

@4mulafun Jennifer Smith-Sloane - Interactive Notebook Video Update

Kristin - Combining Like Terms Art

@crstn85 - Geometry Proofs: A New Approach

@_CindyWallace_ - Getting Our Groove on w/ Dance to Advance

#Made4Math - Week 16

What did YOU make this week?

@msklaster - Digital Word Walls

@tbanks06 - Best Formative Assessment Ever: STICKY NOTES

radical rational - parallelogram foldable

Simplifying Radicals @noraoswald - Proficien-trees

Beth - slope/intercept practice worksheet turned game

@btwnthenumbers (Bree) - Mini-Book

@_CindyWallace_ - Walking Word Bank

@misscalcul8 - Picture Frame Stations

#Made4Math - Week 15

What did YOU make today?

@_CindyWallace_ - QR Code Scavenger Hunt

Beth - slope as rate of change

Bree (@btwnthenumbers) - Personalized Business Cards

@druinok - Systems Foldable

@misscalcul8 - Foldables

Julie Reulbach, @jreulbach - Equation Solving - Monster Math!

#Made4Math - Week 14

What did YOU make this week?

@_CindyWallace_ - Math imPossible: Part Deux

Beth - Solving Equations Foldable

@noraoswald - Bucket O Lies

Kristen Fouss - Exit slips and google site

@algebrainiac1 - Sticky Ball Review Game

@druinok - A Puzzle and a Game

@marlenemharris - Sets of Real Numbers Venn Diagram

Julie Reulbach, @jreulbach - Zero Game for Integers and Abs Value

@misscalcul8 - Ships in the Ocean

@reminoodle - Course Binders

#Made4Math - Week 13

What did YOU make this week?

@simonjob - Times Tables Grid Wall Poster

Goober Speaks - Sudoku Review for Functions

@4mulafun Jennifer Smith-Sloane - Ready 4 Fall with a Halloween Printable

Bree (@btwnthenumbers) - Gym Bag & Patterns Unit Assessment

Meg - Graphing Transformation Matching Game

@misscalcul8 - Idea Box

The Math Idea Drop - ZAP PowerPoint

@tbanks1906 - Notebook - Pair-Up Matrices

@Fouss - Three Ring

@druinok - Dollar Tree Find

Radical Rational - More Kagan, Triangle Centers Foldable

@reminoodle - Bazinga Board

@Alwildadaughter - PEMDAS Mobile

Julie Reulbach, @jreulbach - Dry Erase Table Frames

School of Fisher - Exit Activity (Printing on Stickie Notes)

@_CindyWallace_ - Math imPossible

#Made4Math - Week 12

What did YOU make this week?

@aanthonya - How far is Sacramento from Austin?

@druinok - Foldables and Stations

Kristin - Scientific Notation Jigsaw Tarsia Puzzle

@4mulafun Jennifer Smith-Sloane - Creation Overload

Beth - Equations Up and About

The Math Idea Drop - Absolute Value Card Sort

Julie Reulbach, @jreulbach - Foldables - Place Value, Exponents, and Scientific Notation

@misscalcul8 - Domain and Range Lesson

@_CindyWallace_ - Bulletin Board Idea for HS Seniors' Class

#Made4Math - Week 11

What did YOU make this week?

@druinok - Card Sorts and More

@reminoodle - Absent Work Bulletin Board

@msklaster - Easy Seating Charts

@_CindyWallace_ - Tune into Math

Kristin - Foldables

Simplifying Radicals @noraoswald - Factoring Flip Book

@misscalcul8 - Diamond Foldable and EOC Review

Beth - Equation Dominoes and more

@4mulafun Jennifer Smith-Sloane - Classroom Decor (with FREE Downloads)

@luvbcd - Daily and Class Files

Math Tales From the Spring - Graphing Calculator Cheat Sheet

@aeakland - Exit slips du jour

@mathymissc - Reteaching Solving Equations

#Made4Math - Week 10

What did YOU make this week?

@_CindyWallace_ - Splat! Math Review Game

Julie Reulbach, @jreulbach - Dry Erase Index Card Necklaces

@noraoswald - Prompt Poster

@reminoodle - My First Attempts at Foldables

Elizabeth - Place Value Game - includes decimals

@mathymissc - Aztecbook

@stephanie231333 - Racko

Katie - Types of Slope Foldable

Katie - Operations with Real Numbers Foldables

Cindy W. @finding_EMU - Made4Math: Formative Assessment Forms

@MsMac622 - Decorated Clipboard

Beth - Class Website

@misscalcul8 - Be Less Talkative'

@sandramiller_tx - Point, Lines, and Planes Foldable

Radical Rational - INB pics & Triangle Investigation

Math Tales From the Spring - Binder Project

@tbanks06 - Math Posters

@4mulafun Jennifer Smith-Sloane - Converting Frac, Dec, Perc Foldable (w/ templates)

@druinok - Bulletin Board Makeover and More

#Made4Math - Week 9

What did YOU make this week?

@simonjob - Rules for Differentiation - Foldable

@csteketee21 - Page Protector Whiteboards

@4mulafun Jennifer Smith-Sloane - Last Minute Creations (Posters)

@druinok - My Class Website

@gwaddellnvhs - Sharing my classroom

@aanthonya - Interactive Notebook Content Repository Wiki

@_CindyWallace_ - Stop Motion Math Tutorials

@misscalcul8 - The Nitty Gritty

radical rational - practice pockets & filetastics

Simplifying Radicals @noraoswald - Discriminant Foldable

@KBHarlow - My First #Made4Math Monday Post (Even Though It’s Sunday) – WHITEBOARDS

@reminoodle - Classes' Facebook Page

Math Tales From the Spring - Made 4 Math Inspired Projects

@MsMac622 - Whiteboards

Beth - Student Information Form

Scott Keltner - Picture Day Constant

Scott Keltner - Beat The Teach Game

Cindy W - Made4Math: Sticks and Seats

Breedeen--@btwnthenumbers - My Classrooms

@bobloch - Better Taste Tests

#Made4Math - Week 8

What did YOU make this week??

Bowman Dickson, @bowmanimal - Teaching Beliefs in Poster Form

@aanthonya - Fibonacci Bees

@coachpate - Pirate math scavenger hunt

@_CindyWallace_ - Scratch Off Cards

@csteketee21 - Calendar

@reminoodle - Spiced Up Syllabus & Foldables Supply Boxen

Simplifying Radicals @noraoswald - Slope Spinner

Sarah - Trash to treasure desk chair

Julia Cole - Planning Calendar

@Alwildadaughter - Beans and more syllabi

Julie Reulbach, @jreulbach - Math Motivation Classroom Posters

Justin Lanier (@j_lanier) - Math Heroes - a painting I made for my classroom

Breedeen (@btwnthenumbers) - Habits of Mind posters

Making Paper Airplanes - Hanging Folder Holder

@4mulafun Jennifer Smith-Sloane - Math About Me Project

Megan Hayes-Golding (@mgolding) - Online Exit Tickets

Radical Rational - Blind Draw - Geometry

Math Tales From the Spring - Please Use the Restroom and Water Fountain Before Math Class Poster

Beth Ferguson - Made 4 Math Monday – posters

@rachelrosales - Thinking Log stems

Sherrie @luvbcd - Classroom Door

@MsMac622 - Teacher Survival Kits

Sqrt_1 - Two pizza boxes and a hot glue gun

@crstn85 - Made for Math: Calendar and Classroom

@misscalcul8 - Posters and Clothes Pins and Markers, Oh My

@mathymissc - MATHO!

Finding EMU - Monster Whiteboards

@druinok - INB necessities

#Made4Math - Week 7

Your Turn!!! What did YOU make this week??

Lisa Henry (@lmhenry9) - Cornell Note Bookmarks

@gwaddellnvvhs - My classroom so far & Study Maybe signs

simplifying radicals - y-intercept line slider for INB

Megan Hayes-Golding (@mgolding) - My #Made4Math 5: Global Math Department

Jennifer Smith-Sloane (@4mulafun) - Cute Classroom (with video!)

@msklaster - What is your WHY?

@sandramiller_tx - Senioritis Poster

@csteketee21 - Classroom

@ray_emily - Student Art

@MsMac - Absent Students

@mathbratt - Using Address Labels

@luvbcd - Math Focus Wall

Julie Reulbach, @jreulbach - The No Homework, “Responsibility Binder”

@cheesemonkeysf - Life on the Number Line - board game for working with real numbers

@KristinABC123 - Class Brochure

@mathtastrophe - School Spirit/Mascot Banner

@Fouss - QR code stickers

@reminoodle - Country Time Pencil-Ade, etc.

@j_lanier - Triangle patterns and a star stack

misscalcul8 - Back to School Edition

@mathymissc - DIY-Paper Tray Storage

@CarpGoesMoo - Jumping on the Band Wagon

From a Math Class - Real Number Signs

@mathsmithed - Keep Calm and Math On

Rebecka Peterson - Classroom Stuff

Sam Shah - 2012-2013 School Planner

@druinok - Whiteboard Erasers and Plastic Drawers

#Made4Math - Week 6

What did YOU make this week??

@cheesemonkeysf - Algebraic Expressions Interactive Foldable AND Interactive Notebook Foldable AND Words Into Math Game

@simonjob - Functions and Quadratics Foldables

@rachelrosales - Classroom Organization

@jreulbach - Crocheted Pencils and Check Out Sheet

@gwaddellnvhs - Common Core Scope/Sequence and Formative Assessment

@roitzc - Math Number Puzzle

@sqrt_1 - Tshirt Wall Display

@MsMac622 - 4 Pocket Folders

@MsKLaster - Partner Quizzes + Extras

@mathtastrophe - Binder Covers

@wahedahbug - Math Metacognition

@Fouss - Student Information Google Form

@_CindyWallace_ - First Day Handout

@4mulafun - Starting the New Year Right

@misscalcul8 - Colorful Games and Organization

@msrubinmath - Classroom Cabinet

@Wyldbirman - Magnetic Dry Erase Sentence Strips

@crstn85 - Classroom Posters

SimplifyingRadicals - Distributing Supplies

@aanthonya - Cone of Silence

Katie - How I Spent my Saturday - Fraction/Decimal/Percent practice

@reminoodle - Facebook Bulletin Board AND Facebook Update AND a pattern for last week's pencil toppers

@sandramiller_tx - Organized Reassessments

@fourkatie - Magazine Holders and Binder Clip Labels

@pamjwilson - Round Robin - Parabola Patterns

@ScottKeltner - Graphing Calculators School Supply and Bulletin Board

@AlwildaDaughter - Bulletin Board and Who's Out Board

@csteketee21 - Whiteboard headers and Colorful Numbers

@druinok - Bulletin Boards and Desk Area Organization

#Made4Math - Week 5

What did YOU make this week??

@Fouss - Plumed pencils and a restyled bulletin board AND An Update

@aanthonya - Whiteboards and Chart Stands AND Bonus Cards!

@4mulafun - New Decorations!!

@fourkatie - Digital organization

@MTChirps - Poster Channels

@ScottKeltner - Calculator Storage - Storage blog post and Baseball bulletin board - Bulletin Board blog post

@pamjwilson - Polynomial Station Activities

@reminoodle - An assortment of projects

@GroshongMary - Whiteboards!

@LaurenDeReche - Posters, Numbers, and More!

@_CindyWallace_ - Project Timeline

@jreulbach - Personalized Blog Tshirt!

@lmhenry9 - Excel Gradebook and Attendance Sheets

@Borschtwithanna - Homework Folders

@AlwildaDaughter - Brochures and Flower Pens

@roitzc - Show off Student Work!

@Wyldbirman - Literal Equations

@MarshaFoshee - Common Core Geometry

@MsKLaster - Stamp Sheets

@mathtastrophe - Clipboards and Flower Pens

@crstn85 - Fiddle Toy

@wahedahbug - Vocabulary Cards

@misscalcul8 - Organizing Unit Activities

SimplifyingRadicals - Sticker Survey

@mathequalslove - Interactive Notebook Planning Pages

Katie - Fractions/Decimals/Percents Game

@gwaddellnvhs - Classroom Makeover and Business Cards

@mgolding - Superhero Wall Art!

@Carol_Leonard - Unit Circle Fun

@mathsmithed - Customized blog

@druinok - Inspired from Target Dollar Spot

#Made4Math - Week 4

What did YOU make this week?

@Borschtwithanna - Whiteboards for groups and student roles

@fourkatie - Binder clips and drawer organizers

@mathequalslove - Bellwork form

@roitzc - Just a little reward

@mathtastrophe - ZAP Game

@msrubinmath - DIY Whiteboards

@reminoodle - Dry erase and bulletin boards

@MsKLaster - Graffiti boards

SimplyingRadicals - Exponent Game

@mgolding - Bloom's question starters

@alwildadaughter - "I have, who has" and Cootie catchers

@_CindyWallace_ - Fabric borders and iPad apps

@misscalcul8 - Pretty Tote

Katie - Integer game

@pamjwilson - Hole punch game

@Wyldbirman - Geometry proofs

@Brielliephant - Vertical files, name tag, and dice

@samjshah - Business Cards, Stickers, and Cards: Oh my!

@druinok - New Sub Binder and a Partner Match Activity

#Made4Math - Week 3

What did YOU make this week?

@roitzc - Feeling Lucky and other Review Games

@gwaddellnvhs - Cross Country Math Trip

@ScottKeltner - Large Scale Printing for Probability

@Wyldbirman - Math Toolkit Posters

@merryfwilliams - Plumed Pencils

@fouss - Cereal Box Conversion

@jreulbach - Math Reference Books

@pamjwilson - Pencils, Bookmarks, and To-do List

@mathtastrophe - Ruler Storage and Teacher Binder

@LaurenDeReche - SBG Reassessment and Whiteboard Dividers

@fourkatie - Duct Tape Folders and Pretty Pens

@reminoodle - Teacher Binder and Math Posters

@MarshaFoshee - Fun with Modge Podge

@approx_normal - Marshmallow Guns

@elhodge - Keys to Math

@MsKLaster - Mathography

@bowmanimal - Mathematical Origami and More Origami

@sandramiller_tx - Classroom Tour

Sarah - Brain Breaks

@_CindyWallace_ - Great Graphing Marathon and Birthday Happies

@misscalcul8 - Positive Behavior Punch Card

@fawnpnguyen - Classroom Memory Collages

@druinok - Probability Game and Card Sort organization

#Made4Math - Week 2

What did YOU make for #Made4Math Monday???

@roitzc - Tarsia Polynomial Puzzle AND Rack'o'supplies, Posters, and Puzzles

@misscalcul8 - Shopping Finds and Copy Cats AND Vertical Hanging File

@pamjwilson - Hanging Tape Measures and Station Activities

@fawnpnguyen - Electronic Teacher Binder

@MarshaFoshee - Teacher Binder and Binder Cover

@mathtastrophe - Teacher Toolbox

@ScottKeltner - Pencil Art AND the blog post

@fouss - Pringles Can and PreCalulcus Files

@mgolding - Student Supply Center

@_CindyWallace_ - Welcome to Class Podcast

@elhodge - #Made4Math breakfast (Ed sent me this text and it just cracked me up - he said this was as creative as he gets on a Monday morning! :) )

@jreulbach - Adhesive Tape Measures

@fourkatie - Flash Cards and Organizing Folio

@lysarieger - Card Sorts

@gwaddellnvhs - Website Revamp

@reminoodle - Bulletin Board Makeover

@druinok - Teacher Bag and Binder

#Made4Math - Week 1

Don't forget to submit YOUR #Made4Math post HERE

Here are today's submissions:

@pamjwilson - Whiteboards and More AND a Pringles upcycle

@mgolding - Interactive Notebooks Organization

@ScottKeltner - Teaching Clock AND the corresponding blogpost

@mathtastrophe - Printable Calendar AND, as a followup, Printable Weekly Agenda

@approx_normal - Personalized Door Sign

@reminoodle - Pi Guy

@Borschtwithanna - Notetaking and Quiz Templates

@Fouss - Be Less Helpful

@MarshaFoshee - File Folder Organizer

@MissCalcul8 - Popsicle Stuff Proofs

@roitzc - Warmup Inspiration

@druinok - Making Everyday Objects Pretty - and Pretty Useful!

Introducing Made 4 Math Mondays!

Remember that Pinterest obsession I told you about? Well, this has led me to read LOTS and LOTS of elementary teacher blogs! I am simply fascinated by the creativity and organization those teachers have! I've learned more about bulletin boards, anchor charts, brain breaks, centers, and stations than I ever knew was possible! Then, I stumbled upon this blog: 4th Grade Frolics and her Monday Made It blog party... wow - can you say MIND BLOWN! So I shared it on Twitter and @pamjwilson said "Let's do it!!!"

How does it work???
It's pretty simple... every Monday I'll post (and hope you will too!) a classroom creation. This could be a lesson idea, a "for the classroom" decor/organization tool, or really anything you want to make that is for your classroom! Don't forget to take pictures and then create a blog post. After you've created your blog post, tweet the link with the hashtag #Made4Math or link your blog post in the comments here. If your creation is inspired by something you saw online (ahem, Pinterest in my case), then don't forget to give a shout-out to the original author as well :)

When does it start???
Ummm, Monday of course!!! I've already picked out a couple of items I want to make that are Pinterest inspired, I just needed the motivation to "Git'r'done". If Monday's not good for you, then try later in the week and tweet #Made4Math and link it here too.

What's the point???
Well.... see.... I have this little problem called "procrastination". That means that I find ideas and think "OMG - I totally want to do that!!!" but then I never do.... the idea behind this is to give me some accountability to actually follow through with some of the ideas I have. So, see, it's really all about me :)

Well... What are you waiting for???
Let's get started!!! Get ye to the nearest Hobby Lobby or Office Depot or in my case, my office closet where so many crafts get stored, and start creating!!! I can't wait to see what you dream up!!!! :)

@pamjwilson did a MUCH better job explaining it... read her post HERE