Monday, December 31, 2012

#Made4Math - Week 1

Don't forget to submit YOUR #Made4Math post HERE

Here are today's submissions:

@pamjwilson - Whiteboards and More AND a Pringles upcycle

@mgolding - Interactive Notebooks Organization

@ScottKeltner - Teaching Clock AND the corresponding blogpost

@mathtastrophe - Printable Calendar AND, as a followup, Printable Weekly Agenda

@approx_normal - Personalized Door Sign

@reminoodle - Pi Guy

@Borschtwithanna - Notetaking and Quiz Templates

@Fouss - Be Less Helpful

@MarshaFoshee - File Folder Organizer

@MissCalcul8 - Popsicle Stuff Proofs

@roitzc - Warmup Inspiration

@druinok - Making Everyday Objects Pretty - and Pretty Useful!

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