Monday, July 29, 2013

Made4Math - July 29, 2013

I hope each of you find a bit of inspiration from the weekly posts on #Made4Math. If you want to participate but you aren't sure how, it's easy! Just do one of the following:

1) Make something for your classroom! This could be a new decoration, an activity, etc and share it with us by blogging about it, then submitting your post to the link below!.

2) Reflect on something you already made. Maybe you had a #Made4Math earlier this year and you want to let us know what worked... and what didn't! Blog it and share with us!

3) Remember that you can participate without blogging at all! Take the time to share the love and post a comment on one of the submissions or tweet out your love and share the link for others to enjoy!

Okay, let's see what you guys came up with this week!!!

What did YOU make this week? Submit your post HERE

@iisanumber - Standards of Mathematical Practice Foldable and Journaling for Students

Sarah Hagan (@mathequalslove) - Printable Number Line Poster

Beth - MentorMob Real Number System

@druinok - Sprucing up My Room - Signs!

@kathrynfreed - Chair Pockets for ISN Supplies

John O'Malley - First Day Algebra II - Will You Catch The Fever?

Fouss - Pi Crayons

@itweetchmath - Flipping Amazing - An Educational Resource for Parents

@iisanumber - Families of Functions Scrapbook

@mary_dooms - Growth Mindset Memes


  1. I have gotten so many resources from this that I plan to continue contributing in the future. Thanks for setting all this up druin!

  2. Thank you! I appreciate your kind words and look forward to reading your submissions! :)